Hi! I’m Melissa Park, an award-winning Event Producer who travels the globe whipping teams into shape, and transforming struggling events into extraordinary must-attend experiences. Sounds pretty cool right? It does to me. I’m pretty much living my dream, but before you go and get all “Single White Female” on me, let me be clear, I’m not sitting front row at New York Fashion Week, I’m the girl behind the scenes, with the messy bun, getting sh*t done.

So how did this become my life? After years of working in the industry, I launched my first event management company in Australia. With my signature “personality” cocktail, a refreshing blend of Bethenny Frankel’s business savvy, Tabatha Coffey’s cut-throat approach and Chrissy Teigen’s honest and unfiltered wit, I quickly built an empire on the back of raving fans, countless referrals and repeat clientele; before too long, I was ready to take a leap and make a splash in the USA.

A question I am asked A LOT, is how I do it all. The truth is… I don’t even try! On most days (ok… maybe all of them), I am powered by Coke Zero and I rely on checklists like they are my lifeline! When it all gets a little too much, I love to binge reality TV for a quick escape from mine, and when I’m completely overwhelmed, I pop on my headphones, blast my latest playlist, sing WAY too loud to be living in an apartment complex and dance like I’d die if anyone was watching!

If you’d like to join my community of like-minded kick-ass kinda people, let’s connect.

I cannot wait to crazy-dance with you!

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